Génies Fun (Genius Fun)

This year the SCFPA received funding for the Génies Fun project. This project is being carried out thanks to the financial support received from the Government of Quebec, under the financial support programs for the Canadian Francophonie and the Saskatchewan Francophone Affairs Department.

The ” Génies Fun ” project consists of a simplified and adapted approach of the show ” Génies en herbes ” from the years 72 to 97 in Quebec. The overriding objective of this project is to involve Francophone and Francophile youth and adolescents in Prince Albert and its surroundings in the development of the Francophone community in general and that of Prince Albert in particular.


To this end, the project aims to bring together the various groups of young people and adolescents from French-speaking schools and French immersion schools in the Prince Albert region around sociocultural geniuses in the Canadian Francophonie. Thus, a jury of 4 to 6 people made up of teachers and members of the community will develop a series of questions on various subjects in French with a particular emphasis on the different Francophone cultures of Canada. To achieve this, from November 2021, we will present the projects to young people and adolescents in their respective schools in order to invite them to register. We will ensure that the French-language school and all P.A.’s French immersion schools have at least one team. Then, we will form teams of 4 to 6 players, mixed (youngest: 8-12 years old) or junior (13 to 16 years old). The teams being formed, they will be paired with a mentor who, each week, will meet these young people to help them in their preparation for the competition. We will then organize a first smaller competition. This will be used for the preparation of the big competition.


This project will therefore increase the status of the French language. In fact, in the same way that the “Génies en Herbes” model has proven itself in Quebec in the above-mentioned years, this project will serve the Francophonie in Saskatchewan in order to increase its visibility.